Why Do You Need A Landscaping Scheme?

Landscaping Scheme


What is a Landscaping Scheme?

Landscaping schemes are an important part of any planning application or development project.

Often requested by the local authorities, landscaping schemes contain an overview of a project from start to finish. This makes it perfect for using to oversee a tender or managing an alternative contractor throughout the installation. It provides you with guidelines and recommendations for a high quality landscape.

As horticultural specialists, we work closely with you and your client to ensure that the design fulfills and exceed all requirements and expectations. By giving you all of the details needed to make the project run smoothly, we can help make the landscaping or development process as pain-free as possible.

Our landscaping scheme packs include:

As well as the full pack, we can also provide you with individual tree surveys, planting plans, materials plans or a detailed 3D landscape visualisation depending upon the project requirements.

If you need a landscaping scheme or would like to find out more, please get in touch or why not visit our Landscaping Schemes page for details on Pricing?