Material and Construction Plans

What are Material and Construction Plans?

Material and Construction Plans

Material and Construction plans detail which materials are to be used as part of a project. They also offer recommendations for the construction method for each aspect.

Often used in conjunction with a planting plan, these plans provide a detailed breakdown of any materials required. This includes outlining the specific materials and the quantity of each material. They also specify the colour or type of material that is recommended. The aim of a planting plan is to ensure a high quality finish.

Materials and Construction plans can be used as specification documents for tenders – providing a standard construction method that external companies can use to price against when applying to complete the work. They can also act as a quality assurance document, allowing the project manager to assess and monitor the quality of the works when carried out.



How does it work?

Upon your initial enquiry regarding a Material and Construction plan, we will offer you any advice and guidance you may need. This helps to ensure that the plan meets all of the project requirements. We will then arrange for our consultants to contact you. They will discuss the project in more detail, along with any specific requirements that are part of the planning application. Any measurements and photographs will be taken at this point. This ensures that the plan we put together is accurate and correct.

The Material and Construction plan will then be put together by our experienced team at our offices. We will liaise with yourself throughout the process regarding any existing documentation or designs. We want to ensure that the plan is in line with your requirements throughout.


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Please see below for a further breakdown of what you will receive upon completion of a Material and Construction plan. 

A digital (in the form of a PDF) pack including:
  • The exact name of each material to be used;
  • The amount and depth of material to be used in each area;
  • The specification of the material including colour and construction;
  • Recommendations for the construction of each item within the project that can be used when the work begins.

Material and Construction plans are perfect for projects which will be put out to tender or sub contracted out to an external company, allowing the client to monitor the work and ensure that the work completed is to a high standard.

If you would like to find out more about the Material and Construction plans, or arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

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At ProHort we know that value for money is important, especially for a development project. As such, we will always give you our best price, first time, for all of our services.

Prices for a Material and Construction plan can vary depending upon a range of factors, including the size of the garden and complexity of the work to be carried out.

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Discounted rates are available if a Material and Construction plan is bought in conjunction with other plans. Please get in touch for more information.

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