Tree Surveys

What are Tree Surveys?

Tree Surveys are a specialised survey that assess the size, age, health and life expectancy of a tree. To be assessed, the tree must have a diameter of over 75mm. The tree survey will provide recommendations on any required treatment of the tree and whether it should be retained on the site. The survey will also issue recommendations on whether any remedial work will be required.

A tree survey can be required as part of a planning application for a development project. This is particularly the case if the development will affect the surrounding landscape and trees situated within that landscape. Tree surveys can be carried out for insurance purposes for both domestic and commercial clients.

To be suitable for planning applications, tree surveys should be conducted in line with British Standard 5837-2012. This ensures the survey is carried out to the highest standard and complies with relevant regulations.

Occasionally, when a tree survey is completed, the tree surveyed is identified as having a Tree Protection Order (TPO) applied. These can be applied to trees when they are located in a specific area. Alternatively, they are applied when a tree has significant amenity value, is rare or a particularly good specimen. Trees with a TPO applied to them require additional documentation and searches due to the stipulations set in place. Visit our page on Tree Protection Orders for more information.

How does it work?

Tree Surveys - Inspecting

Following your initial contact with ProHort, we will provide you with advice regarding the requirements for the tree survey. We will then arrange for our specialist consultant to complete the survey. You will need to inform us of how many trees are located on the site, so we can give you a costing.

The specialist consultant will visit the site to carry out the survey and take any required measurements. If required, the consultant will meet with yourself onsite. This will help ensure that any requirements for the survey are incorporated into the  report.

The tree survey report will then be put together and sent in the form of a digital PDF within 48 hours of the site visit taking place.


Please see below for a breakdown of what you will receive upon completion of the tree survey.


Contact a member of our team to find out more information.

A digital (in the form of a PDF) pack consisting of:
  • BS5837-2012 Compliant Tree Survey - for Planning applications;
  • The common and Latin name of each tree;
  • The approximate age of each tree;
  • The diameter of the trunk of each tree;
  • The approximate height and spread of the canopy of each tree;
  • A brief description of each tree and it's health;
  • The Estimated Remaining Contribution category (ERC).

If you need any further information about tree surveys or would like to book an appointment please see our contact page.

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At ProHort we are aware of the importance of getting value for your money. Therefore, we will always provide you with our best price, first time, for all of our services.

Pricing for tree surveys are based upon the number of trees on site, starting at £200+VAT.

For more information, please get in touch.

Discounted rates are available if a survey is bought in conjunction with other plans. Please get in touch for more information.

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