Creating a Landscaping Scheme in Derbyshire

Landscaping schemeA landscaping company contacted us to put together a comprehensive landscaping scheme in Derbyshire, for the grounds of a property that they had been instructed to landscape.

The company were looking for an overview of what would be required for the landscaping of the works. This included the existing features that would need to be considered when landscaping, a 3D landscape plan, planting plan and material and construction plan to give recommendations for the construction of the various elements. There were also a number of trees on the site which required a tree survey. This was to address whether they would remain on site or be removed.

Landscaping Scheme Process

When the landscaping company initially contacted ProHort, a site visit was organised with our Specialist Consultant. At this site visit an in-depth discussion was held between our Consultant, their Director and the landscaping company’s client to ensure we fully understood all the requirements.

Landscaping Scheme in Derbyshire

Their client had done a lot of research before coming to them, so they had plenty of ideas and detail to influence the design of the landscaping scheme. As such we were provided with a topographical survey of the site, assisting in the 3D landscape plan and ensuring accuracy in all of our plans. Topographical surveys can also be a useful addition to a planning application. As they outline the levels of the site and identify any issues that may come up when landscaping or constructing on the site.

Following the site survey our specialist consultant worked closely with our client manager to begin the process of creating the 3D Landscape Design – we offer the option of either a Landscape plan and a 3D landscape design. All the specifications, measurements and ideas gathered from the initial site visit were input into the landscape design and corresponding plans to ensure that the requirements of the project were met.

Once this was completed, the landscaping company and their client were invited into our offices for a meeting. During this meeting, the initial design was discussed in depth with our client manager and specialist consultant with a preview of the 3D Landscape Design given. This allowed the client to take a virtual walk around the design and make any amendments before the 3D Landscape Design is finalised.

Landscaping Scheme in Derbyshire

Full Landscaping Scheme Pack

Now that the design was confirmed, the full Landscaping Scheme was compiled. Included in the scheme were:

Landscaping Scheme in Derbyshire

Once the landscaping scheme in Derbyshire was completed, an electronic PDF file and a hard copy was sent over to our client, the landscaping company. They were then able to pass this information onto their client and use the documentation to assist them in completing the landscaping.

It was a delight to work on this landscaping plan and bring all the ideas of their client together to provide the visual representation and detailed plan for the local landscaping company.

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