Landscape Plans

What are Landscape Plans?

Landscape Plans are a top down plan that provide an accurate, scaled representation of intended developments on a site. These may be tailored for the intended audience, whether that be an individual, landscapers or the planning office. The level of detail may also be tailored depending upon the size or intent of the project.

A landscape plan provides a clear representation of existing and proposed site features and their spatial qualities. This enables such plans to illustrate important design features. Such features include sight lines, movement and circulation. They could also include more tangible hard and soft landscaping features. When completed, a Landscape Plan can be used as an accurate reference for construction or building works. Alternatively, it could be used as supporting documents for planning applications.


How does it work?

Our dedicated team deliver pragmatic solutions which will add value to a potential development site. They are able to identify and recommend solutions in order to ensure a smooth planning and development process. To find out more speak to one of our specialist consultants today.

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Prices for our Landscape Plans can vary depending upon a range of factors, including the size of the site and the complexity of the project.

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