3D Landscape Designs

What are 3D Landscape Designs?

If planning permission is not required for the project and you simply need a design to dictate how the project will look once the work has been completed, our 3D Landscape Designs are the perfect solution.

Created using a 3D Computer Aided Design software programme, the 3D Landscape Designs give an stunning artistic representation of the end result of a project and give the client the opportunity to take a virtual walk through the completed project before work even begins. The level of detail shown in the visualisation can be tailored depending upon your requirements and what stage the project is at.

This is a wonderful solution for anyone who is unsure of the final design and wants to explore various options and how they would look upon completion.


So, how does it work?

Upon your enquiry, our landscape design consultants will arrange to visit you at the site in order to discuss the project requirements and concept. During this visit, measurements and photographs of the existing site will be taken so that any existing features of the site can be incorporated into the visualisation if they are to be kept within the landscape.

Our landscape design consultants will then begin designing and creating your landscape visualisation, based on your project requirements. Any existing documents and designs that have been put together as part of the project will be requested at this point.

Upon completion of the design, you will be invited to attend a number of CAD consultations at our offices. These will give you the opportunity to view the design and take that virtual walk through the finished project. These consultations can be conducted at our offices, allowing you to come to us and view the design over a cup of tea. Alternatively, if required, one of our Design Consultants can visit an external location of your choice – be that your offices or at the location of the project itself – in order to show you the finalised design.

Once the design has been signed off by yourself, you will be issued with a digital pack in the form of a PDF. This will also include multiple angles of the design to encompass all of the features.

This service is for commercial clients only. If you are a private client, please visit our sister company’s website for more information.

If you would like some further information about our 3D Landscape Designs and how we can help you, please get in touch.

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At ProHort we know the importance of getting the best value for money, especially for development projects. As such, we provide our best price, first time, for all of the services we offer.

Prices for a 3D Landscape Designs can vary depending upon a range of factors, including the size of the garden and complexity of the landscaping project.

Please enquire now for more information.

Discounted rates are available if a Landscape Design is bought in conjunction with other plans. Please get in touch for more information.

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