What Is a Soil Analysis, And Why Would I Need One?

Soil Analysis

You may be surprised to hear this, but soil is very important. The composition on site can drastically impact upon the progress of a development, and the cost of completing it.

In many cases, a soil test and analysis may be required, which can be an essential part of the development process. If the land has already been identified as being contaminated, then the importance of obtaining a Soil Analysis Report increases as you will require additional considerations from your local planning authority.


But, what is a soil analysis?

A soil analysis is a test which is carried out on the soil to discover many details, including acidity, composition, content and pH levels. The complexity of the test altered to suit your individual requirements, we can test for a single nutrient, or we can test the full spectrum including any organic matter, nitrogen levels, and any heavy metals within the soil.

To conduct an analysis, our surveyor will attend the site and take a number of samples from different locations across the site. This is then tested, giving us an average of the soil composition across the site.


Why would I need a soil analysis?

If you are undertaking any sort of project, then a soil analysis can be useful for you. If you are developing on a site, then the analysis will help you to identify the type of soil you are building upon, highlighting any potential problems before they arise.

If you need to remove soil from a site and taking it to a waste disposal facility, it is likely that they will request a soil analysis before taking the waste, as they may be required to charge you a hefty landfill tax. By having a soil analysis completed well in advance, you will be aware of the issues and be able to budget for it in advance.

Another situation where a soil analysis can be a vital tool is on a site where a large amount of planting is going to take place. The analysis will determine the different nutrients and chemicals in the soil, and this information can help you to make an informed decision on which plants to select, ensuring that they can thrive in the environment.

Find out more information about soil analysis on our Soil Analysis page, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.