The Power of Plants – Planting Plans

Planting plans

First impressions count, and gardens or grounds are often the first thing a customer or visitor sees.  More than this, carefully cultivated green spaces create inspiring environments. The right layout, coupled with the right plants, can create a positive atmosphere. It’s worthwhile investing your time into these areas to hit the right notes for your business.

What are planting plans?

At their basic level, Planting plans are a top-down plan of your project. They show all areas that will be planted in and the types of plants that will be used. This is useful for projects both large and small as they can help to visualise how a space will be used including how many plants should be used and their height and size. Planting Plans also allow you to build a theme or mood. Gardens are multisensory experiences and using different plants, textures, and colours can enhance our experiences and perceptions.

Furthermore, local authorities are increasingly requesting that Planting Plans be included in a planning application. To read more about Planting Plans, click here.

Why choose ProHort?

We know how important it is that your outdoor spaces reflect your business and at ProHort we have the expert knowledge to make your vision become reality. All of our designs are bespoke to each individual client and we work closely with them to fully understand their needs and preferences.

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