WAC Testing

What is WAC Testing?

WAC Testing or Waste Acceptance Criteria testing is a mandatory test. The test is used to identify whether soil or material will be accepted by a specific type of landfill site.

The WAC test includes both solid and leachate testing. This will provide information about how the soil will behave once it has been deposited in the landfill. This can include the level of contamination that could potentially leach into the surrounding landscape and water. It will also include how organic the material is by testing for key contaminants.

Although a WAC test will specify whether the soil that has been sampled would be accepted by a landfill, it cannot be used to classify the waste itself. This will be completed before the WAC test takes place, which can be achieved by completing an Initial Waste Classification test.


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Different types of WAC Testing?

There are three different types of WAC test – inert, hazardous and stable non-reactive hazardous. Alternatively, a full suite WAC test can be performed, including the testing for all three different WAC tests.


Types of Tests?

The type of WAC test you will require depends upon the initial classification of the soil. If the soil is classified as non-hazardous, this can then be submitted for an inert WAC test. If the soil passes the inert WAC test requirements, then it can be disposed of in an inert landfill. Alternatively, if it fails the inert WAC test then it will not be accepted at an inert landfill and must be disposed of in a non-hazardous landfill instead. Read more about the different types of WAC testing here.


So, how does it work?

Upon your enquiry, we will discuss the requirements of the WAC testing and analysis to ascertain the required type of test. If required our consultants will arrange for our surveyor to visit you at the site. Alternatively, we accept soil samples to be taken by yourself at your site. We will provide the appropriate vessels for the sample as well as the transportation to the laboratory to be tested.

Upon completion of the sample, you will be provided with a digital PDF report. Including the breakdown of the soil contents, corresponding analysis and any recommendations if applicable. The depth of details within this report depends upon the type of testing requested.

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Prices for WAC Testing can vary depending upon a range of factors, including area that the sample is taken from, the sample size of the garden and complexity of the project.

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