Landscape Strategy

What is a Landscape Strategy?

The primary purpose of any landscape strategy is to inform and guide any proposed development.

The process of researching all these aspects results in a level of understanding. This understanding is capable of guiding development in the most effective manner possible. In addition to guiding design, a landscape strategy can be used to influence developers and the planning process. It achieves this by demonstrating how proposals are designed to reflect local character. Landscape strategies can also be used to promote positive change in the landscape. They can help to gain local support for development and possibly aid the application for funding.


What’s the process?

Initially a discussion will be held with one of our landscape consultants to establish your requirements. The breadth of the landscape strategy may be dictated by the scale of your development.

Once this has been established a comprehensive site visit will be conducted. This will allow us to survey and analyse the built and natural features in the area. Where required, desk-based research will be conducted to identify natural features such as geology, hydrology and topography. It will also establish the existence of any sensitive habitats or species on site. This can include the creation of a habitat management plan and/or a landscape visual impact assessment. Landscape strategies seek to improve biodiversity and wildlife enhancement, wherever possible They also provide accessible routes and networks to facilitate connections to surrounding areas.

Furthermore, larger scale developments may require additional investigative work. This will help to identify all stakeholders and clarify existing and potential future users of the site. Together these findings form an understanding of local character. This enables the creation of a strategy to integrate the design into the landscape. It also positively links the site to its surrounding landscape through informed decision making.

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Prices for a full Landscape Strategy can vary depending upon a range of factors, including the size of the garden and the complexity of the project.

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