The Duchess of Cambridge and Landscape Architects Davies White

The RHS Back to Nature Garden has been designed by The Duchess of Cambridge and  Landscape Architects Andree Davies and Adam White, of Davies White Landscape Architects.

The news was announced ahead of a visit by The Duchess to King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington, an RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood group, part of the RHS Britain in Bloom campaign, to meet the community gardeners on Tuesday 15 January.

The RHS Back to Nature Garden is a woodland setting for families and communities, and encourages all generations, from all backgrounds, to connect with nature and enjoy growing plants for their health and well being. Something core to the RHS’s charitable work.

The garden has been inspired by childhood memories that are triggered by the natural world, as well as special moments that will be created and treasured by families now and in the future.

Sue Biggs, RHS Director General, said: “We could not be more thrilled, or feel more honoured, that The Duchess of Cambridge has co-designed our RHS Garden at Chelsea Flower Show this year, with Award Winning Landscape Architects, Andree Davies and Adam White.

“For over 200 years the RHS has been championing the power of gardening and growing plants for the environment, for health and wellbeing and to help people of all ages, from all backgrounds, to learn and grow. To have the Duchess advocating this with us, and to be continuing our partnership with NHS England will, we’re sure, further highlight the powerful benefit that accesses

to gardens, nature and growing plants can have for all our health and happiness.”

Valuing the contribution of landscape

The RHS Back to Nature Garden will promote the physical and emotional wellbeing that access to green spaces and gardening provides.

Helen Tranter, Vice President of the Landscape Institute said: ‘This is an important year for the Landscape Institute as we celebrate ninety years of the organisation which was actually formed at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 1929.

‘It is fitting that the work of Adam White (who also is our current LI President) and his business partner Andree Davies will be featured so prominently in our LI 90th year. They deserve praise for being selected to play a part in this project by the RHS and their partners.

‘What is also important is the prominence the RHS Back to Nature Garden gives to the improved health and well being that we can all get from nature. As an organisation supporting and promoting the benefits of the landscape profession, we are particularly pleased that the RHS’s partnership with NHS England, promoting the physical and emotional well-being that access to green spaces and gardening provides, is at the heart of this project.

‘The focus children and on health more generally is a key component in improving peoples’ lives and working with communities in this way is key for all landscape professionals. The Duchess of Cambridge, RHS and their partners deserve praise for recognising and championing this agenda.

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