Tree Related Mortgage, Insurance and Mitigation Services

What are Mortgage, Insurance and Mitigation services?

Mortgage, Insurance and Mitigation services provide detailed reports to present to a mortgage or insurance company. They are bespoke to the specific client or project.


Why would I need one?

There can be a range of different reasons as to why such a report may be required. The most common of these reasons include:

  • An assessment of a significant tree or landscape feature that is impacting on a property sale or purchase. This would be provided to a mortgage company in order to raise a mortgage.
  • A survey and assessment of a tree, hedgerow or other significant vegetation which has caused subsidence. The report would detail the likely affect that the subsidence has had on the property. It would also offer recommendations on the most effective mitigation method.
  • A tree survey and report of a tree that is within a specified distance of a property, for provision to an insurer. Some insurers will request a report on trees that are within a specified distance of a property. This would depend upon the area that the property is located in. It would also depend upon the type of property insurance the owner has. Some areas of the UK are more susceptible to subsidence. This, therefore, is reflected in an insurer’s requirements and premiums.
  • A detailed health report on a tree that is adjacent to a pedestrian area or roadway. This could include any other area that may expose the public and public property to damage. This report aims to mitigate the liability of the trees owner. It can also be presented in the case of damage being caused by a fallen branch.


All of our reports are tailored specifically to the individual case and presented in a detailed and accurate manner, perfect for presenting to a mortgage or insurance provider.

There are also many other options available, depending upon your specific requirements, which are not included in this list. Why not get in touch for more information?

If you would like some further information about the reports that we can provide, and how we can help you, please get in touch.

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Pricing for mortgage, insurance and mitigation services is based upon the complexity of the project.

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