Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness Reports

What are Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness Reports?

A Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness Report (also known as a CPR 35 Compliant) provides an experts opinion on a subject within their expertise. This assists a court on making decisions around an area outside of its own expertise.

Due to Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness reports being used as evidence in court, there are strict rules that apply. These must be adhered to to ensure that the document is fully compliant with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). All expert witness reports must be accurate, up to date and impartial, giving an overview of the situation without any influence or bias. A Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness report should include both facts and assumptions used by the Expert. It should also include any analysis and the Expert’s opinion on the matter.

Each Part 35 Compliant Expert Witness report must lay out the qualifications of the Expert. It must also detail the methodology used when putting the report together.


How can we help?

As a company, we have decades of experience within the horticultural industry. We have written numerous reports in the past and have dealt with legal cases around the field of horticulture and invasive weeds. This means that our knowledge and advice is not only accurate and impartial, but also commercially astute.

Upon your initial contact with the company, our experts will be happy to meet with you to find out more about your case. This will allow them to answer any questions you may have about their own experience and approach to the Expert Witness process. Alternatively, they are happy to give advice over the phone. Any advice would be followed up by a letter confirming the advice given to ensure total clarity is provided.

Upon instruction the expert will survey the site, taking any photographs and measurements to put together an assessment and report. You will be provided with a digital PDF of the report for use within your court case.

Any Expert Witness reports are written solely by our experts. This ensures that the content of the reports have not been influenced by external parties, remaining informative and unbiased.


Contact a member of our team to find out more information.

A digital (in the form of a PDF) pack consisting of:
  • A detailed site assessment;
  • A plan of the site;
  • Photographs of the site and features on site to be inspected;
  • Details of any regulations around the relevant topic;
  • An Invasive Weed Management Plan (if the report is based around invasive weeds)
  • Recommendations based upon the findings;
  • Details of the report basis;
  • Conclusions and Statement of Truth.

So if you need an expert’s advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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ProHort Ltd will always offer our very best price, first time, for all of our services.

Pricing for expert witness reports starts at £900 + VAT and is based upon the complexity and location of the project.

For more information, please get in touch, or give us a call on 01782 479479.

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