Arboricultural Impact Assessments

What are Arboricultural Impact Assessments?

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) are a written assessment which determines the site-specific effect of a planned development on the existing tree stock. It is a recommendation of the British Standard 5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition & construction – Recommendations that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment should be produced to inform the development process.


How does it work?

The Arboricultural Impact Assessment identifies trees to be removed and those to be retained and highlights the potential conflicts between retained trees and the planned development. Typical conflicts between trees and developments can range from crown shading issues of a tree to a planned development breaching a trees’ Root Protection Area (RPA).

Additionally, Arboricultural Impact Assessments also considers the impact of statutory designations such as tree preservation orders (TPO’s) and identifies the long-term value and benefits of trees in the urban and built environment.

Our dedicated team of Arboricultural Consultants deliver pragmatic solutions to potential issues arising from trees within a planned development site and are able to identify and recommend suitable mitigation measures in order to ensure a smooth progression through the planning and development process.

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